Planning a Wedding from Abroad

Over 50% of my couples are planning their Wedding from Abroad.

Indeed, this is not an easy task! There are many benefits of engaging a Wedding Planner in Ireland early on, especially if you are abroad, looking to elope to Ireland, or are simply time poor.

Here are just 5 of them;
  1. Ability to source a suitable wedding venue in Ireland for you. We can have a detailed consultation asking all the right questions and negotiating with the venue on your behalf. As well as this, your Wedding Planner can send you video’s of the venue so you feel like you are there.
  2. Budgets tend to quickly start adding up. A planner will manage and track your wedding budget spend and advise you of average costs you will pay.
  3. The Gift of Time. You get time back to focus on the things that are really enjoyable. Therefore, you can spend more time finding the perfect wedding dress, thinking about the cake, and planning your trip to Ireland.
  4. Let your wedding planner sweat the small stuff. Your planner will worry about things like wet weather contingency and will know the vendors and suppliers who are the best to work with.
  5. Remove the stress on the day. On the morning, allow yourself to enjoy the build up. Let the planner do the running around and set up. Furthermore, your planner will also ensure everyone else is where they are meant to be!

These are just 5 reasons and they apply to everyone, and not just couples that are based abroad. Having lived abroad for 6 years myself, I understand how difficult it is to plan things from overseas. I can really appreciate how valuable each day of your trip is.

I would love to work with you! To help make your vision a reality and really minimise the stress of planning a wedding from abroad.

Click here to see the different wedding packages available to you. Read below a testimonial from the wonderful Des & Emin who got married in Cork, and are living in Azerbaijan. Here is a beautiful photo of Des & Emin at their ceremony with Des’ mam, Moira who I enjoyed meeting many times throughout the process.

Martina was our diligent and very thoughtful wedding planner in Ireland as we planned our Wedding. We had an amazing day! This was purely down to the excellent and highly professional work ethic that Martina demonstrated from the very moment we contacted her. Martina did her utmost to help and this was greatly appreciated as we were organising our wedding while Emin and I were in Azerbaijan. She was able to meet with my family and guided my mother through the wedding venue. She was also there for us when we were trying to bring together the elements that helped personalise our wedding. If we had a question, she was able to speak to us via Skype and would reply promptly to emails and calls. Because of her, we were able to successfully put on our wedding in the space of 5 months.

Martina’s most special qualities are her sincerity to help, listen and put people at their ease. She became a good friend. It was truly a pleasure to have had Martina as our wedding coordinator as she did not just simply treat us as a customer, but as a friend. We would highly recommend Martina to everyone.

Des & Emin – June 2017

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