Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect wedding venue may be one of the biggest challenges that you will have throughout the planning process. It is the location you will spend one of the most important days of your life, the day that you will spend often over 12 months planning. It is important you get this step right. Once you find your wedding venue, this will really determine how your day will look and the style you are going for.

There are a few important things to do before you start the search for your Wedding Venue.

Wedding Guest Numbers:

You need to know an approximate wedding guest number before you start your search. Some places will have maximum numbers that the wedding venue can hold and more importantly, some will have a minimum number that you will need to pay for should you fall below that number. You need to be aware of your numbers (Adults and Children expected) before you start the search.


Have the budget discussion before you go looking for your wedding venue. Venues will vary in pricing and you need to know what you can afford before you go venue shopping. As a previous Wedding Coordinator in a hotel, it would upset me to see couples fall in love with the venue yet not be able to afford it. Most venues will have a brochure online with pricing, and that will give you a good guide as to whether you can afford it or not.

Type of Venue:

What type of wedding do you want and how much time can you afford to put in to make that happen? If you have always dreamed of a marquee wedding, than that will be very different to organise than a hotel wedding for example. Or have you dreamed of an exclusive country house wedding? I recommend having a consultation with a wedding planner to help determine the venues you should be looking at. I see many couples shy away from doing something different because they are afraid of the level of organising that may be involved. This is where your Wedding Planner will come in and support you and will be there on the day to look after everything. You should also put some thought into the type of experience you want your guests to have.

Style of Wedding:

Do you want it to be an elegant affair, a big party, relaxed but with a focus on food etc? You need to determine what the priorities are for you. For example, if you both want one big celebration party with a casual barbecue and festival type feel, this will restrict the venues you can look at because some will have strict wedding packages with a 5 course meal that they may not want to go outside of.

Location, Location, Location!

How far are you willing to have your guests travel? The maximum distance to the reception is normally 1 hour from the ceremony location, or nowadays, many are having them in the same venue. Knowing your radius will automatically narrow down your venue choices.

Your non-negotiables:

Be aware of what you will or will not negotiate on. If you want all of your guests staying onsite, then you need to find a venue that will fit you all. Or, if you want to be the only wedding on that day, you need to find the venue that will only accommodate one wedding per day. If you want a gin bar, you need a venue that will make that happen. Be upfront with the venue wedding coordinator and let them know what your priorities are, and they will be upfront with you. There is no point asking for things after you have booked, that the venue just can’t or won’t do.

Once you have clarity on these, this will give you a good starting point to start looking for venues. If you would like to have a consultation, get in contact with me today and I can help you find the perfect venue, which will reduce a lot of stress early on in the planning process.

Today’s featured image is of the unique Liss Ard Estate. Liss Ard is a stunning venue located in Skibbereen, West Cork and is part of Ireland’s Blue Book. The stunning Georgian Country House is not the only thing that will wow you as you roam the estate. Here is home to the very unique Sky Garden and has it’s own Private Lake, and Lake Lodge. There is also the massive benefit of exclusivity if you choose to get married at Liss Ard. This image has been shot by Wedding Photographer, Philip Bourke. Philip also fell in love with Liss Ard when he recently shot the wedding of Mike and Claire featured above.