Stay Calm during the last few weeks before the Wedding

I hear so much about the stressful last few weeks before the wedding, and everyone that has been through it will warn you about it. The last few weeks before the Wedding can feel a bit out of control, but don’t worry help is here. Today, I will give you some tips to maintain control and help you stay calm, because the last thing you want is to get sick prior to the day. It is completely understandable and normal to feel a little bit worried about your wedding day, you are not alone. I have heard many stories about how stress presents itself during this period so have a read through my tips, and hopefully you will begin to relax and feel under control immediately.

Remember the why

Keep your eye on the prize. At the end of the day, your soul mate and partner is who you are doing this for! Make sure you have both shared the workload, and enjoy the little moments during the last few weeks before the wedding, like collecting your wedding rings together, why not make it a lunch date? That moment you are announced as a married couple makes it all worthwhile, and you want to make sure you are not too stressed out or tired to enjoy it.

Make a list

The last week list is very important. Coming in to the last week before the wedding, relatives and friends may start arriving from abroad, those around you both will be calling and offering to get involved, the week generally does not go to plan and unexpected items may pop up. Having a prepared list of the items that absolutely must get completed during this week is hugely important as you may find it difficult to focus. And make sure to tick things off as you go. You don’t want to spend 2 hours searching for the Marriage license that you have already packed.

Time to Relax

Have a day during the last week to switch off and relax. Go for a spa day with your bridesmaids, go golfing or fishing with your groomsman. Just go somewhere that you can switch off your phone. Make sure this day or few hours is planned and part of the schedule for that week, otherwise it is likely not to happen. Your next relax will be after the wedding day, when your honeymoon starts. Maybe in some exclusive villa, faraway.

Get enough Sleep

It is the simple things that will upset the schedule so you will need to be strict with yourself. Lack of sleep can be the biggest upset so you must try and set yourself a bedtime, and if you can’t get to sleep try a meditation app, you’ll be surprised how helpful they can be. The last thing you want is to look or be exhausted on your wedding day. It can also help to keep a notebook beside your bed to write down things that may pop up that you have to do. Write them down and deal with them in the morning.


Delegate some tasks during those last weeks before the wedding. Time to let go some of the control. Use your Wedding Planner and friends. What tasks on the list can someone else do or get a head start on?

Here are just some of the tasks that will be on that final list:

  • Follow up on any last few RSVP’s that you have been struggling to get in
  • Don’t forget your vows, are you writing your own? Practise them!
  • Give your final number to your venue
  • Have your engagement ring cleaned and your nails done.
  • Do you have bridesmaids/groomsman gifts organised?
  • Finalise wedding transport. If you haven’t organised cars, how are you, the bridesmaids, groomsmen etc. getting to and from the ceremony venue
  • Practise walking in your shoes and even perhaps your dress now that you have collected it
  • Finalise your table plan (this is a big job!), make sure to get a head start on it
  • Drop off any items to your venue
  • Do a check in with all your vendors (your Wedding Planner can do this)
  • Finalise any last minute honeymoon details and start packing if you are going straight away
  • Finalise the list of photo’s you want on the day and chat through with your photographer
  • Run through the order of the day and event timeline (do this with your Wedding Planner), and finalise order of speeches
  • Get any décor items ready and make a list of what you have and where everything is to go (you cannot do this yourself on the day)
  • Delegate tasks for on the day (e.g. who is going to pay the vendors, move the flowers from church to reception, put favours on tables, check floor plan etc.)

How a Wedding Planner can help.

Many couples get me on-board for the last few weeks on the run up to the Wedding Day. This gives immediate peace of mind, because you can relax in knowing that nothing will be forgotten and everything will get done. This also takes some of the major jobs off your hands. Your Wedding Planner will do check ins with all of your vendors and will finalise the details with them. That is a lot of time saved and calling that you now don’t need to do.

I find that my Event Timeline is the one thing that couples are most relieved by. There are details on this timeline that most likely you won’t have thought of. Your event timeline might have 10 items on it for the day, mine could have 100 for your day.  Every single detail is thought of.

When you book me for the last few weeks of the Wedding, I am also there to coordinate the day. You will not need to worry about anything on your Wedding Day, I do the running around for you.  I ensure that guests, bridal party and vendors know where they are meant to be. I also ensure your items are set up where you want them set up, your table plan is up, your place name cards are out and the floor plan has been checked. This ensures that you are not being bothered by table 2 missing a seat, or table 5 having 2 additional seats.

If you want to know more about how I can help you on the last few weeks of the wedding, let’s arrange a call to go through the details today, so that you can be fully informed before you both make a decision.