The role of a Wedding Stylist in Ireland

As a Wedding Stylist in Ireland, I find that many people have some understanding of a Wedding Planner’s role, but are not quite sure what the role of a Wedding Stylist entails. When it comes to Wedding Styling and Décor, some couples have an idea of what they want, and often a Pinterest board, but are unsure about how to bring it all together. And, some couples come to me that really don’t know how to enhance the venue, or bring it all together with a theme. A Wedding Stylist is like your personal creative director. We design the final look that includes everything from your Colour Palette, your unique Style & Design boards. Essentially, all the visual elements of your wedding day including props, flowers and décor. We take care of the final look and feel for your Wedding Day.

Where do we start?

With all of our couples, the starting point is an initial consultation. As a Wedding stylist in Ireland, many of our couples as based abroad so this is normally a video call. During the consultation we talk about what you have in mind for your day, and give you some ideas to begin. The next step for us is to take all the information from the consultation, and build it into something magical. Something that you didn’t know was possible. And, we work with all budgets, and all styles, it doesn’t matter if you want something completely lavish, or want to keep it simple with beautiful subtle touches.

We define a colour palette for your wedding day, and outline what it will take to bring the day to life. This will include all the visual elements like flowers, décor, props, chairs, tablecloths etc. Our next consultation is to go through the Style & Design board that we will have created for you, and we make the final tweaks at this stage. When you are happy we start working with top vendors and suppliers to bring the look together. Flowers are key to the final look. We work very closely with some of the best florists in the country. And, let’s not forget the budget, we are maintaining the budget for the Style & Design elements so that you can make an informed decision each step of the way.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our creative ability to bring your unique style as a couple to life. Minimise the stress on the run up to your Wedding Day, and let us take care of the styling for you. If you are planning from abroad, a Wedding Stylist or Planner in Ireland may be just what you need to bring everything together. We offer a full Wedding Styling & Design Package, or other Bespoke Wedding Packages that will include an element of styling.

Why source a Wedding Stylist in Ireland?

If you want your day to be unique to you both, we can help you bring those details together. It doesn’t matter if you are getting married in a hotel, and want a complete overhaul so that your day is completely unique, or are getting married in a marquee and have a blank canvas, or are getting married in a beautiful country house. We can work with your style and your venue to make your day memorable. Reach out to us today and we can have an initial discussion about where you are with your Wedding Styling and Planning.